Selasa, 22 April 2014

Because of Honor, two PPP candidates Success Team Bloody Duel

Two residents Pulo Gelime , Tripe Jaya subdistrict , Gayo Lues , Aceh , which is equally a successful team ( timses ) Haji Samsuar , legislative candidates from the United Development Party ( PPP candidates ) for the constituency ( electoral district ) II Galus , involved fisticuffs at a chilli farm in District Tripe Jaya , Monday ( 04/21/2014 ) at around 15:30 pm .

Initially , only the verbal warfare between Sanudin Safe Ema ( 34 ) and the Medium Secure Adi ( 40 ) in the garden belonging Sanudin chili . However , arguments between the two timses it increased to " proxy war " ended with terkaparnya Medium Secure Adi due Sanudin hacked using a machete .

Trigger the bloody incident was money . Haji Samsuar advanced so candidates give money USD 1.4 million to Sanudin . Felt in the money worth it right there , Being Safe Adi also went in the garden chili Sanudin Sanudin to ask for his share . Outside timses , both of them are farmers .

Billing money that was not going smoothly thus triggering a fight . The end of the war of words was fatal because Sanudin desperate stab right shoulder Medium Secure .

Sources Porch ( Network ) mentioned , it actually belonged Medium machete Safe . He came armed with a machete demanded money . However , during a struggle , Sanudin seized the machete and slashed Medium Secure .

After the victim was covered in blood , a direct perpetrator turned himself into police Tripe Preparation Jaya Pos . Shortly thereafter , the police together with residents to provide relief to the victims who have been " bath " for the blood rushed to the health center . Shortly thereafter , the victim was referred to the hospital Blangkejeren . Later , the victim was referred again to a hospital in Medan , due to severe bleeding from his scar .

Galus Deputy Police Chief Commissioner SY Trisna , the foyer , on Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) , acknowledge the incident . The suspect has also been secured in Sanudin Mapolres Galus shortly after he surrendered . Join the seized evidence such machete used to stab the victim in the alleged cabainya garden .

" The case is we handle , and a number of witnesses have been examined , " said Wakapolres Galus .

Head of Operations ( KBO ) Criminal Police Galus Ipda Hery Budi added , Being Safe pembacokan Adi who are victims of these injuries on his right shoulder 15 cm long , 3 cm wide and 3 cm deep .

To the police , the suspect confessed Sanudin , initially the victim to meet him to collect the Hajj administration Samsuar , candidates of PPP , Rp 1.4 million , in the garden of a suspect chili . The garden not far from the village of Pulo Gelime . When it comes to his garden , said the suspect , the victim brought a sharp machete . A war of words ensued .

Sanudin then angry because Medium Secure slap . In fact , when the victim was about to take a machete that from the beginning he was carrying and place it in a location close to their war of words , Sanudin pushed the victim so that he first grabbed the victim's machete . Quick as a flash he tebaskan the machete to the right shoulder so the victim's gaping wound .

" After the victims ' bath ' blood , the suspect immediately surrendered to the Police Post Tripe Preparation Jaya , " said Hery Ipda Budi .

Jaya Tripe A resident described it with style satire .
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" This is the result when farmers herded into politics , so timses . Ultimately , the one in the hospital , the other one entered the cell to account for his actions , " he said .


Senin, 21 April 2014

DPD I Jabar: No Problem If Ical Evaluated

I DPD Golkar Party in West Java carefully evaluate respond discourse Chairman of Golkar name or Ical Bakrie as the party's presidential candidate . Deputy Secretary General of the Council I Golkar Party Jabar , Pulihono said , there needs to be a special discussion Questioning the discourse.

" We ( DPD I Jabar ) is not in a position to support or not support , " he said when contacted by Reuters on Monday ( 21/4 ) . He said , Golkar leaders in the area , still focusing on the escort party vote in the barn party vote in the region 's biggest election .

Even so , he said , has been widely heard about the insistence of Golkar , segerakan discourse for evaluation . He explained , there are some notes that should the party in corrections . First , it is the result of the acquisition of voting support Golkar in 2014 pileg not hit the target .

The second is , to evaluate the performance of the structure of the party over the pileg results . The evaluation , conducted through rapimnas forum . He explained that these are the rides sound rapimnas I. DPD function , to voice whatever , that would be a formal decision Golkar party .

Related to that , the discourse pencapresan evaluate Ical Golkar , have to pass through these forums . " DPD West Java , does not question if there will be talking pencapresan rapimpnas this , " he said .

However , Pulihono explained , Ical pencapresan evaluate the discourse , can not be understood simply in order to annul the decision rapimnas Golkar before. In rapimnas 2012, Golkar party has decided that Ical is the candidate of the party .
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" Could there be an evaluation that candidate , even more solid support as the chairman of the presidential candidates," he continued . Because Pulihono interpret discourse Ical evaluation as a candidate for the seat is strtegi pemenengan Ical in the upcoming presidential election . " Because of that evaluation, the decision should not be devalued rapimnas ago .

SBY welcomes appeal , PAN Not Immediately Disconnect Coalition
National Mandate Party welcomed the appeal to the minister Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who became the party leader in the joint secretariat not to set the direction of the coalition advance in the face of the upcoming presidential race .

Board chairman Viva Yoga PAN winning elections Mauladi said the appeal is reasonable . " Because PAN member Setgab , reasonable if we welcome , " Viva said when contacted on Monday, April 21, 2014 .

Viva said the relationship between the PAN and the Democrats also harmonious . " We do not have a problem with each other , " he said . Because of that, he said , the Democratic Party was one that had to establish communication with PAN since 2009 .
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According to Viva , the possibilities are very open to a coalition again . The reason , he said, the experience of a coalition between the PAN and the Democrats have been happening for a long time .

Only, said Viva , PAN and Democrats have different ideologies and platforms . " Both of these factors could be the reason for no coalition , " he said .

Until now , according to Viva , the members Setgab no one has been officially coalesced . Thus , " open coalition with any party , including the PAN . "

SBY asks ministers who are also leaders of political parties could not immediately determine the direction of the coalition facing a presidential election later . Tempo source , which is also one of the leaders of the coalition parties , said Democratic Party Chairman was asked to wait coalition of political developments in the next week .

" SBY notices directly to the leadership of the party , do not rush to specify the coalition , " the source said on Tempo on Wednesday , last week .

SBY message was not delivered in writing . But delivered in an informal meeting with the party leaders . Although not containing the pressure , the president 's instruction was sufficient to make the party leadership Setgab think . " After all the party leaders remained in the cabinet minister who tied with the president . "

About the direction of this coalition , Democrat is preparing a new power . Secretary of the Supervisory Committee of the Democratic Party said the party's central Suaidi Marasabessy raise the possibility of calculating the new shaft . This shaft can beranggotan parties are not involved in one of the existing shaft , the shaft Jokowi , Prabowo shaft , and the shaft Aburizal .

" We are still calculating , whether it makes existing shaft , forming a fourth axis , or not in the existing shaft . "


Jumat, 18 April 2014

Recipients residents Raskin Bali Declining

Residents of Badung regency , Bali , recipient of rice for the poor ( Raskin ) By 2014 the number was reduced due to reduced number of poor people .

" Reduce the number of poor households in Badung , Bali hence overall still listed Beneficiaries Target Households ( RTS - AM ) as much as 150,815 families , that number dropped when compared to December 2012 as many as 180 862 , " said Head of Regional Division Bulog Bali , Gede Rempiana in Denpasar, on Saturday ( 20/4 ) .

Badung , as the richest region in Bali with local revenue ( PAD ) of the yield from tourism sector levies still have the poor as much as my family 9883 , in December 2013 it recorded 12,410 keluarga.Berkurang number of RTM - AM in the area , affect the government's efforts provide subsidized rice to poor people spread across 715 villages in eight districts and one city in Bali that as much as 2,262 tons per month .

According to records, RTS - PM who is in Bali today , Buleleng regency has the highest namely 42 075 families , it also reduced the number of late December 2012 as many as 47 511 families , following the keluarga.Jumlah RTS - 24 063 Karangasem Karangasem PM this time was reduced from rated before 26 787 families and three occupied Gianyar known as an art area in Bali has 21 266 poor families , reduced from the previous 24 046 families .

Tabanan who claims to be the rice granary areas on the island and has poor families receive subsidized rice from the government as much as 19 114 families decreased from 21 592 keluarga.Gede Rempiana previously explained, the supply of rice to the poor in this area there is no problem , whatever it takes can be met , he said, naming the national rice stockpile 7,437 tons in this area .

Total supply of rice was sufficient for the next few months , he said , while mentioning that the realization of the rice to the needy people since January until 16 April 2014 reached 10 918 tons or 80.44 percent of the original plan for 13 573 ton.Besar realization Raskin 3.5 early months of 2014 , because there are government programs accelerate disbursement of allocation Raskin taken in November and December 2014 to be realized during February and March 2014 .
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Accelerate the realization of inexpensive rice to the poor , just to stabilize the price of one of the purposes of food in the market , thereby reducing the burden of the people , in addition to reduce the number of speeding up the process of distribution inflasi.Dalam Raskin , all counties and cities in Bali have filed the appropriate allocation request Raskin existing ceiling that each family get a share buy 15 kg per month at a price of Rp1.600 per kg .


Rabu, 16 April 2014

Wasekjen PPP: If Mau Seek Position Chairman, Better Patient

Wasekjen United Development Party ( PPP ) Syaifullah Tamliha rate, the impeachment effort against Suryadharma Ali ( SDA ) is done because there are unscrupulous parties eyeing the chairman seat . Monoarfa Monoarfa and his friends want to realize the desire of a person accused of becoming the new chairman .

"To Mr. Monoarfa like any other party , if there is a target seat chairperson should be patient until Mr Suryadharma Ali out of office in 2015 . Because God love those who endure it . Impeachment Do not even like it , " he said , Wednesday ( 16/4 ) .

While it is not yet clear whether this will interfere with the internal chaotic chance PPP coalition with other parties . Because Gerindra has stated , the new political communication will continue with the PPP after the internal situation of a solid back .

He considered Monoarfa serious misconduct . That is , do the impeachment effort against SDA . This is because Monoarfa issued a no-confidence motion on behalf of 26 leadership council areas .

" After investigation of 26 DPW issued a vote of no confidence which , eight of which are not accompanied by the signature of the secretary would also chairman of the DPW . Means that only 18 DPW , that it does not represent , " said Syaifullah , Wednesday ( 16/4 ) .
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On that basis , he said , SDA Monoarfa Monoarfa fired and four head of DPW through a decree issued on Wednesday.


Google Holds Play Mother's Day Promo

To commemorate Mother's Day ( Mother's Day ) which falls a few weeks away , which is dated May 11, 2014 Google promokan some of its content on Google Play . It is intended to give something special to my dear mother figure .

In that campaign , I give a big discount to book and many applications . There are some books are discounted 50 % , as well as two popular magazine subscriptions ( Better Homes & Gardens and Fitness ) with 50 % discounted subscription . There is also a big discount for the purchase of Google's Nexus 7 .
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Reporting from phonearena , for promotional purchase digital books , lots of books from bestselling authors such as James Patterson and Sydney Sheldon . There is also a selection of books from popular authors such as Nora Ephron , Maya Angelou , Gwyneth Paltrow , Debbie Macomber , and Margaret Atwood though .

So far , Google does not provide information until when this promotion will end . Unfortunately , Google does not seem to give a discount for music , movies , games and apps woman .


Senin, 14 April 2014

UK Urged to Reveal Torture in Diego Garcia

A number of human rights organizations urged British Foreign Secretary William Hague to provide clarification of the information that Diego Garcia had been used by U.S. intelligence agencies , the CIA , a secret prison . Diego Garcia is a British territory .

" We need immediate clarification stating that the claims of this place as the location of CIA torture is misleading , " said Cori Crider , director of Reprieve , a nonprofit organization in the field of law enforcement , as quoted by Russia Today , Sunday, April 13, 2014 .

Allegations that mention Diego Garcia as a " dark area " appears after a report of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee said Britain and the U.S. are working together to make Diego Garcia as a prison inmate a suspect without accountability .
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Reprieve also representing Abdel Haki Belhaj , the military commander of the Libyan rebels and opposition leader Mohammed Gaddafi . He was arrested in Malaysia and handed over to Libya , having previously brought to Diego Garcia for imprisoned and tortured for nearly six months .

Previous Belhaj not know where he was detained and tortured until she was told by Libyan intelligence chief Moussa Koussa is currently being interrogated in a prison not far from Tripoli , Libya . Belhaj claims the UK has helped the U.S. to set up all over his arrest and torture .

But a British court ruled that Belhaj can not demand for these problems because they would harm the national interest . This case is also considered to be harmful to international relations the United Kingdom.

For this reason, many people are finally demanding transparency from the British government to investigate British role in this kind of dirty business . Although for many years the UK has consistently denied that it is involved or have been involved in the detention of a number of CIA prisoners on Diego Garcia .

Name Diego Garcia , an island in the Hindi Ocean region , sticking when associated with Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 missing since March 8. A lot of speculation that the plane had been hijacked and landed at Diego Garcia . ( Read : Word Problem Issues MH370 America disappeared in Diego Garcia )

United States , which set up a joint military headquarters with England on the island , immediately denied this . " There is no indication that mention MH370 flew close to the Maldives or Diego Garcia , " a spokesman for the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur .