Rabu, 16 April 2014

Wasekjen PPP: If Mau Seek Position Chairman, Better Patient

Wasekjen United Development Party ( PPP ) Syaifullah Tamliha rate, the impeachment effort against Suryadharma Ali ( SDA ) is done because there are unscrupulous parties eyeing the chairman seat . Monoarfa Monoarfa and his friends want to realize the desire of a person accused of becoming the new chairman .

"To Mr. Monoarfa like any other party , if there is a target seat chairperson should be patient until Mr Suryadharma Ali out of office in 2015 . Because God love those who endure it . Impeachment Do not even like it , " he said , Wednesday ( 16/4 ) .

While it is not yet clear whether this will interfere with the internal chaotic chance PPP coalition with other parties . Because Gerindra has stated , the new political communication will continue with the PPP after the internal situation of a solid back .

He considered Monoarfa serious misconduct . That is , do the impeachment effort against SDA . This is because Monoarfa issued a no-confidence motion on behalf of 26 leadership council areas .

" After investigation of 26 DPW issued a vote of no confidence which , eight of which are not accompanied by the signature of the secretary would also chairman of the DPW . Means that only 18 DPW , that it does not represent , " said Syaifullah , Wednesday ( 16/4 ) .
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On that basis , he said , SDA Monoarfa Monoarfa fired and four head of DPW through a decree issued on Wednesday.


Google Holds Play Mother's Day Promo

To commemorate Mother's Day ( Mother's Day ) which falls a few weeks away , which is dated May 11, 2014 Google promokan some of its content on Google Play . It is intended to give something special to my dear mother figure .

In that campaign , I give a big discount to book and many applications . There are some books are discounted 50 % , as well as two popular magazine subscriptions ( Better Homes & Gardens and Fitness ) with 50 % discounted subscription . There is also a big discount for the purchase of Google's Nexus 7 .
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Reporting from phonearena , for promotional purchase digital books , lots of books from bestselling authors such as James Patterson and Sydney Sheldon . There is also a selection of books from popular authors such as Nora Ephron , Maya Angelou , Gwyneth Paltrow , Debbie Macomber , and Margaret Atwood though .

So far , Google does not provide information until when this promotion will end . Unfortunately , Google does not seem to give a discount for music , movies , games and apps woman .


Senin, 14 April 2014

UK Urged to Reveal Torture in Diego Garcia

A number of human rights organizations urged British Foreign Secretary William Hague to provide clarification of the information that Diego Garcia had been used by U.S. intelligence agencies , the CIA , a secret prison . Diego Garcia is a British territory .

" We need immediate clarification stating that the claims of this place as the location of CIA torture is misleading , " said Cori Crider , director of Reprieve , a nonprofit organization in the field of law enforcement , as quoted by Russia Today , Sunday, April 13, 2014 .

Allegations that mention Diego Garcia as a " dark area " appears after a report of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee said Britain and the U.S. are working together to make Diego Garcia as a prison inmate a suspect without accountability .
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Reprieve also representing Abdel Haki Belhaj , the military commander of the Libyan rebels and opposition leader Mohammed Gaddafi . He was arrested in Malaysia and handed over to Libya , having previously brought to Diego Garcia for imprisoned and tortured for nearly six months .

Previous Belhaj not know where he was detained and tortured until she was told by Libyan intelligence chief Moussa Koussa is currently being interrogated in a prison not far from Tripoli , Libya . Belhaj claims the UK has helped the U.S. to set up all over his arrest and torture .

But a British court ruled that Belhaj can not demand for these problems because they would harm the national interest . This case is also considered to be harmful to international relations the United Kingdom.

For this reason, many people are finally demanding transparency from the British government to investigate British role in this kind of dirty business . Although for many years the UK has consistently denied that it is involved or have been involved in the detention of a number of CIA prisoners on Diego Garcia .

Name Diego Garcia , an island in the Hindi Ocean region , sticking when associated with Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 missing since March 8. A lot of speculation that the plane had been hijacked and landed at Diego Garcia . ( Read : Word Problem Issues MH370 America disappeared in Diego Garcia )

United States , which set up a joint military headquarters with England on the island , immediately denied this . " There is no indication that mention MH370 flew close to the Maldives or Diego Garcia , " a spokesman for the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur .


Minggu, 13 April 2014

Forum Master Receive 11 Related Reports National Exam Cheating

National Examination ( UN ) school / vocational school has not started yet . But the Indonesian Teachers Union Forum ( FSGI ) has received 11 reports of violations and fraud related to public examination .

" We 've opened a post complaints since April 1 yesterday . Till now there are no 11 report , " said Secretary General FSGI , Retno Listiyarti when contacted by AFP on Sunday ( 14/04/2014 ) .

Retno said , 10 of 11 of the report is the same offense , namely the UN response sales . The report received from the four big cities in Indonesia .

" Circulation of the answer key selling rampant in Medan , Jakarta , Surabaya and Bandung , " said Retno .

While one other violations to the UN is not terdistribusikannya evenly at each school . From reports received FSGI , there are 2 pieces because rayon is not acceptable . Though the test carried out this morning .
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" Lack of rayon matter in Jakarta . Namely rayon and rayon 13 Cijantung 17 , " he said .

Rayon 13 is severe enough , the shortage of 12 envelopes about Indonesian . Where on average each envelope contains 20 questions . While in rayon 17 less a matter of as much as 1 envelope Indonesian .

"After studying huh? Sure you do not pass?" Noah asked the group of students who are numbering 10 people.

"Sure sir," replied the student who is studying the biology.

"I wish you all pass, the result is good all, be the best value," said Noah.


Jumat, 11 April 2014

Police Unloading Practices For Sale Animal Products Online

Specific Crime Directorate ( Dittipiter ) of Criminal Investigation Police dismantle the practice of selling endangered animals processed products online . Illegal act is considered dangerous to the lives of endangered species are protected by the state .

Deputy Director of Specific Crime ( Tipiter ) Criminal Investigation Police , Police Commissioner Alex Mandalika at Police Headquarters , Jakarta , Friday ( 11/04/2014 ) , said the refined products sold by the initials LW tersangak through www.jakartagolden.com site .

In addition to online , the suspect also has a shop called Golden Shop is located in Pluit , North Jakarta .

" The suspect was arrested at his shop on 7 April 2014 , " said Alex .

He explains , LW allegedly obtaining raw materials are refined products illegally on the black market . Then , it is processed into raw materials for handicrafts and then sold illegally to buyers both domestically and abroad .

" So the mode souvenirs and accessories store that sells goods that are packaged neatly . ( In addition , the suspect ) also provides food supplements from the traditional such as bird's nest , " he said .

In the arrest , officers seized a number of items of evidence is a carved ivory , an ivory dragon , fish teeth two cigarettes , smoking pipes five deer antler , ivory cigarette holder 27 , six pieces of pipe roko roots bahar , and two pieces of elephant ivory bracelets .

Other items seized were two bears fangs , an ivory pendant , nail six bear , tiger fangs seven little , eight little bears fruit nail , fang pendant seven tigers , bears fangs pendant six , eight and 27 lionting canine crocodile hairpin carapace .

" There are also eleven envelopes knife carapace , carapace 56 earrings , 17 pendants carapace , eight bracelets carapace , carapace ornament 37 places , " he said .

In addition , officers also seized three stuffed birds of paradise , two pieces of shark fin whale , and two belts carapace .
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As a result of his actions , the suspect charged under Article 21, paragraph 2 , letter b and d in conjunction with Article 40 paragraph 2 of Law No. 4 of 1990 on the Conservation of Natural Resources and Ecosystems with a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a fine of Rp 100 million .


Kamis, 10 April 2014

Rp 8 billion for Textbook Procurement in Banyumas

Use of Special Allocation Fund (DAK) is the field of education in 2014, are preferred for procurement of books supporting the curriculum in 2013. Needless bear responsibility amount of funds allocated for the procurement of books about Rp 8 billion.

Edy Rahardjo, Head of Basic Education Department of Education Banyumas, Edy Rahardjo, Friday (11/4), said the budget funds will be used to meet the new curriculum supporting books on all subjects in elementary school and junior high. The number of elementary schools in Banyumas 826 and 156 junior high school.

Besides precedence for procurement of books, he added, DAK 2014 is also used to rehabilitate damaged school buildings. For the elementary level, there are 107 schools that will get the building rehab program. The details are as many as 68 schools for rehabilitation weight categories and 39 schools for minor rehab
As for the amount that will be renovated junior high school, he explained, when the Department of Education still conduct field surveys.

The amount of budget required to handle as many as 107 elementary school that the building suffered moderate damage and the weight reaches about USD 14 billion.

"The building renovation budget on SMP, we have not been able to ascertain, the article today we still continue to collect data on school buildings were damaged," he explained.
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According to him, the building is said to be minor damage, when the damage level reaches less than 30 percent. Were damaged when the level of damage ranged from 31 percent to 45 percent.

The buildings are categorized as severely damaged, the building damage level reaches 45 percent to 65 percent.
Edy added, DAK allocated budget in 2014 amounted to Rp 75 billion. Of that figure, about USD 50 billion of which is funding the remainder of 2013 and the remaining Rp 25 billion represent funds disbursed in 2014. Currently these funds in the local treasury.


Rabu, 09 April 2014

Election Papua Safe and Controlled

Papua Police Chief Insp Gen Tito Karnavian asserted , internal security situation during the legislative election voting runs safe and controlled .

Indeed, there are several events such as gunfire , since Wednesday morning , namely in Skouw , RI - PNG border at around 06.00 CET , but no casualties .

Then at around 09:00 CET on Peak Smile Majesty , the capital of Puncak Jaya regency causing one member of an armed civilian group (BCC ) were killed , and the guns taken from the BCC , said Papua Police Chief Insp Gen Tito Karnavian told Reuters in Jayapura on Wednesday .

Told him , reports received from the gunfire came from a group of armed civilians tried to attack the post at the top of a smile , but the apparatus of the army that is alert immediately strike back .

As a result of gunfire later identified one member of a crew " Puren Wenda " were shot dead and one long-barreled guns seized from KSB .

Although there are several events in different locations but the overall internal security situation is safe and controlled , and the members always on alert , said Inspector General of Police Tito .

Papua Police when asked about the condition of internal security in the province of West Papua to admit , the conditions leading up to and during the voting area is under control .
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Society reported enthusiastically approached TPS to distribute voting rights , said Papua Police Chief Insp Gen Tito Karnavian .